Thursday, June 18, 2009

Travel Information

Philip got the dates of his leave and has filled out his leave forms.

We are planning on being in Kansas July 1-7 and flying to Oregon, July 9-16.

We look forward to visiting all of you!

Courtney and Philip

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Got the news!

As promised the next time I blogged would be to tell you when Philip will be home!!! I just got the call from Rear Detachment that Spc. Philip Gosvener will be arriving on the 10 am flight on Saturday, June 13th!!! I'm thrilled! This is sooner than I was hoping for! I have lots to get done, but being a chronic procrastinator who works best on adrenaline, now that I know the date I think I will be getting into gear!! LOL!!! Wish you all could be here to welcome him back!!

P.S. We will not know the dates of his block leave until at least a few days once he is back. They will probably tell him during his reintegration training that will be held after he returns. So, until then I do not have any information when will be visiting Kansas/Oregon/Washington. All I can tell you is the month of July should be his block leave, realistically the 2nd week is when it will begin and when we fly out is up to my lovely husband, Philip.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, things are moving along at a nice pace..although, they can't move fast enough for me! I am estimating 14 days until Philip returns, although I hope it is a few days sooner than that! No official word from Philip or the Rear Detachment. Guys are coming home all this fact, all of Philip's company should be home no later than next Monday.

For all of you that don't already know, I put in my two weeks notice and my last day is Friday. My rational was two fold. One, I didn't know any set in stone dates for Philip's return and Walmart makes schedules 3 weeks in advance. Of course, in my mind Philip's return is more important. Plus, Philip will be visiting his family in Oregon/Washington in July and again..Walmart doesn't have a nice "vacation" allowance for part time employees who have been there less than a year. My second reason is I plan to start working towards my alternate teacher certification for the State of Texas and that means if all goes well I will be teaching next year and would like to prepare and relax before teaching full time.

I am looking forward to getting the house ready for Philip's return. I purchased an electric weed eater that I successfully put together and like using!! Also, so excited about another purchase..a "Secretary Console" which shall look nice in my living room area. I got it for $55 which it was originally $219! What a steal! Gotta love Walmart furniture clearance....haha! Now the only dilemma is the lack of a pick up truck or a male person to help...hopefully that will be worked out. ;)

Well, hopefully the next update is the DATE of Philip's return!! Yippee!!!