Monday, March 17, 2008

New developments

Philip and I spent the whole weekend cleaning......the house looks so clean and organized! Philip really did a lot of it, although I did a lot of the"surface" cleaning like vacuuming and laundry and such.........

Today Philip said goodbye to something near and dear to him....his ZX6 motorcycle....... a nice guy from San Antonio came up and bought it. I even hated to let it go, but for practicality purposes, it had to be done. Philip will be leaving in a couple of months and it will free up a bit more $$ monthly for our home and leisure activities...... I knew I wouldn't be riding it while he is in Iraq, so we sold it.

Also, today, we decided to invest some of our income tax return on some new purchases. I got a heavy powered vacuum cleaner(It really sucks!--lol! a Philip joke) and drum roll......... we made our first major purchase as a couple and bought a new washer and dryer!!!!!! I'm super excited. No more trips to the laundry mat! Yippee!!!! Trust me, it was getting quite old lugging several huge piles to the laundry mat and sharing your wash with all to see!! This should help keep the house looking uncluttered, as I usually had piles before I actually would go!

My hubby and I got some book shelves to and Philip put them together and put all my books on them. They are nice big ones with about 5 shelves and cost less than those you buy at WalMart. There are definitely benefits to the Army PX (Post Exchange)!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I am doing a bit of Spring Cleaning......okay,,,to be honest, I am doing a massive overhaul of the garage. With school and adjusting to married life, there are still a few things that I have yet to "master"........... I have been able to generally keep the presentable parts of my house really nice....

Anyway, long story short, I realize that I keep A LOT of things....specifically sentimental things..... Like pictures, birthday cards, graduation cards, etc............ Everything that has sentimental value.....I keep... I have decided...maybe I should take up scrapbooking!!!

I must say, I used to be anti-scrapbook......I thought it was too hard.....but, actually, I think it would be a wonderful way for me to organize my memories and use some of my creativity!!! :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Marriage....the greatest thing....

Marriage truly is the greatest thing. I love my husband....for so many reasons, but I would have to say that overall the number one reason is how much I see God move through my husband. Sure, things aren't always a walk in the park....that is the case with every marriage. But, my husband is able to speak to me as if it is God speaking to me. I love that.

Every day I have with my husband is a blessing. Not just because I love spending time with him, and I do. It's because I grow myself.

Marriage takes mutual submission. I read about it over and over again before I was married.....but once you put it into practice, there is so much peace,,, it is unbelievable! It is no wonder,,,,because it is God's plan!!

What I have learned is that if you stop thinking about what your husband should and can do for you and instead think about what you can do for him,,,there are fewer arguments....and your home is one filled of love.....

Marriage truly can be the greatest thing....... a testimony to God's great love for us....the sacrifice he made on the cross..and the immense joy you can find in relationship with him!


It snowed here in Killeen last night. It had been raining for the last day and even thundering!! Something that is a rarity down here in this part of Texas. As a Kansas girl, I hardly believed it when Philip called me at 3 a.m. to tell me it was snowing!!! I said, "You're lying". Hehehehe! I said, "It won't stick, I know these things, I am from Kansas!"

Philip came in at 7 a.m. singing....He whispered in my ear, "It stuck!!". I got up and looked........I'd call it a "dusting" more than a snow.......It made me sort of chunkle.......... by 2 p.m. it was gone.........melted off....... Like a dream,,a distant memory.......... LOL!! ;)

It did rouse memories of my home state.......I was starting to miss rain, snow, and the general daily changes in weather that Kansans joke about!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Hate Gunnary

There is this little thing called Gunnary in Philip's line of work. I don't even know if I spelled it right, but it is the pits. Evidentally, they work lots of hours, non-stop. Sorry, but that is the simplified version. But, a bit more technical description is that it is when the Apaches go out and practice shooting targets some place out in the boondocks........... This translates to tons of more maintenance work on the Apaches for Philip to do. So, since he is not at WLC---which I thought was a super duper blessing---he is now working 12 hour shifts 7pm-7am. No weekends off. :)

I guess all jobs have their "perks"..........hehehehehehe!! Ironically, this is also my Spring Break from school and I am not scheduled to tutor until this weekend. I'm planning on catching up on reading and possibly watching a few BBC Jane Austen miniseries.......they are my fav!

Think lemonade out of lemons!!!! :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Life

Nameisasecret Shepard

I feel like a kid standing in front of a candy store,,,in my case, "Bookstore".........that's how excited I am about my favorite nephew, "Name to be disclosed later" Shepard.

I am not the one having the baby or even feeling the terrible, horrible pain of childbirth--sorry cannot resist. But, part of me feels connected to that little bitty guy.

I'll tell you one thing, Aunt Courtney will definitely be spoiling him.

Oh, and he is registered at Target. So get on over there and get him some cute stuff!!!


Well, as I am learning with the Army,,,everything can change in a blink of an eye. My husband is comfortable in bed next to me, thanks to Army politics........ it seems that 4th I.D. was not allotted the number of entrants for WLC and since several of the higher ranking NCO's have yet to go to WLC, Philip doesn't have to do it. Philip is happy. I am too. I know that with Iraq, we most likely won't be so fortunate, but I believe God really blessed us here!

In the nature of all good fun, I sat in the car waiting for the "news" for nearly 7 hours. I tried to sleep, but I am far too picky, so I got some great academic reading done!!! LOL! ;)~

For some reason, don't ask me why, my husband is watching Dragon Wars, which he protests is a good movie. As my sister Hollie and I would say, "It's LOW RATE" Better yet, it's a C movie pretending to be a B movie............. it's that bad. Still, he finds it thrilling and fascinating.....go figure. I wouldn't recommend it to a blind, deaf man........... lol! But, there are Apaches in the film,,the true reason Philip is "pretending" to like it. If you really want to see what he works on for his job, I recommend you skip to the middle part of the movie, watch 2-3 scenes and then turn it off.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'd Like White Cake with Sprinkles, Please.

It's a piece of cake., it's not.

My husband is leaving tonight, well 1 a.m. to be precise. He is going to a training for 2 weeks. Warrior's Leadership Course (WLC) to be exact. I have pretended like I will be fine. Tried to play it up in my head. "Oh, I will get the whole bed to myself!!" and "Yippee! Unlimited Romantic movies without complaint!". Or my personal favorite, "I will only have one person to clean up after!" These things have ran through my head over the course of the last few weeks and days. I have this nasty little habit of shutting out reality sometimes. It just depends what it is.

The thing is, my house is not complete without my husband. Being an Army wife is not just about the fact that we marry a man in a's not about the fact that we "knew" what we were getting ourselves into. It's a fundamental principle that civilian marriages may at times take for granted: time. I learned early on in my marriage, perhaps the hard way, that my ideas of marriage would have to essentially be thrown out the window. It's not that you cannot live by some of the same principles, it's that the basic model of wife and husband living together day in and day out that is challenged. Deployments aside, the Army way of life encompasses every move we make and breath we take. Early days and late nights. Tired husbands, emotionally and physically. Of course, some of the benefits are there. I love the PX and Commissary. I absolutely love the flying helicopters I see daily. I love seeing my husband in uniform! ;)~

But, it's nights like these, waiting for my husband to leave........knowing that June will come sooner than I think. It's those times that Army life is far from a piece of cake. Although,,,right about now, a piece of moist white cake with sprinkles sounds delightful! ;)